Intimates from mother earth to you. 

Our Vision

In a world of fast fashion and zealous consumption, it's a continuous race to the bottom. Our vision at GAEA is to build an ethical, environmentally conscious, slow fashion label for the next generation. 

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Our Team

Our team of product designers, visual storytellers, and research specialists are always looking for the newest innovations in the textiles industry. 

A group of dreamers and doers, we believe anything is possible.

Why Bamboo?

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Our fabrics are made from 100% organic bamboo. Bamboo plants use 2/3 less water to grow than cotton, minimizing the environmental impact on our mother earth.

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Soft & Stretchy 

Our pieces are amazingly soft to the touch have just the right amount of stretch to mould to your body, regardless of shape and size. You will feel great, all day long.

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Anti Bacterial & Moisture Wicking

Bamboo has the ability to absorb 40% more moisture (such as sweat) than cotton and releases it into the air. Through better moisture control, the fabric prevents bacterial growth and unpleasant odors.